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adventureland01Adventure is the willingness to face the unknown and not be deterred, so it's fitting that so many of Adventureland's attractions are hidden from view by dense jungles or in the basements of Spanish forts.
While there's still a fair amount of fantasy to everything (singing birds are one thing, crooning is another) it can be understood how Adventureland had its origins in Walt Disney's True Life Adventures series of documentary films. Where a voyage through the most dangerous rivers of the world could be viewed as educational if not for the skipper making light of the situation. Where a treehouse built by a stranded Swiss family would make Rube Goldberg proud. Where every step takes you further into a land filled with pirates, tiki gods and magic carpets.
Just as the brain needs stimulation and the heart craves romance, so does the soul flourish with adventure. Luckily for us though Adventureland delivers all three of these in spades, and that's worth a little a little wandering.

Liberty Square

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libertysquare01Many of the lands of Magic Kingdom in Disneyland and Walt Disney World can have their origins traced back through the things the Walt loved in life, from the magic of Fantasy, the beauty of true life Adventure, the Cowboys and tall tales of the Frontier, to the promise of Tomorrow, they're all facets of Walt. The only thing missing was his love for American history, and with the blessing of size that the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World could afford, a little bit of Americana made its way into the parks.

Enter Liberty Square, a revolutionary war era town that celebrates the birth and continued growth of the United States. From replicas of the Liberty Bell to speeches from Presidents past and present, Liberty Square is quite reminiscent of Main St. USA. Both are small towns that seem stuck in time but are still welcoming and familiar, no matter how idealized they may be.

It may be strange for some to see this quaint New England town reflective of some of the simpler times sandwiched between lands of magic and Fantasy and the wilds of the Frontier. But perhaps that's the point, that even at it's simplest America was still a nation flourishing and ready to stand tall in defense of its self, and that's worth a little showcasing.


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fantasyland01With the Magic Kingdom being the quintessential Walt Disney World park, it's not hard to view Fantasyland as the quintessential land. The Disney brand was built on the success of it fairy tale adaptations and here they come to life. Princes and Princesses are ready to meet children of all ages, and attractions based on their stories bring you in as a participant. Because remember, in the Magic Kingdom this is your story as well. 

There truly is something here for everyone, and with the recent addition of both Storybook Circus and New Fantasyland the story has doubled in size. While once before Cinderella Castle defined the Magic Kingdom skyline, now multiple new castles and taverns have sprung up. But thanks to Disney's Imagineers, they don't seem shoehorned in or out of place at all. In fact they look like they've always been here in this quiet provincial town.
Walt's original dedication for the Disneyland version of Fantasyland still ring true today, and it's hard not to be reminded of this as you stroll between the faux spires and Renaissance style tents: "Fantasyland is dedicated to the young at heart and to those who believe that when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true."

Main Street USA

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mainstreetusa01Upon entering the Magic Kingdom Park we're greeted not with the grandeur and spectacle that one would expect walking into Walt Disney World for the first time. In fact it's quite the opposite. Welcome to Main Street USA. 
Main Street USA doesn't just welcome us into the park for a day of fun but also lets us step into the shoes of Walt himself. Based off of Walt's childhood home of Marceline, MO, it's easy to get lost in the story that Disney is setting for us, because yes we are part of the story now. Much like Walt, we start our story in a quiet and unassuming town, ready for the adventure that lies literally around the corner. To help preserve the illusion of this small town and to make the reveal of Cinderella Castle all the more inspiring, we don't even get to see the castle until we've circled around the town square and start heading right down the middle of Main Street.
Main Street offers a unique experience when compared to the rest of the Magic Kingdom. With shops, eateries and character meeting spots, there are no marquee attractions here. Instead there's a simple charm that brings you into the park but also bids you a fond farewell when exiting. There's really no better way to begin or end your day.

Epcot Internatonal Food And Wine Fest 2016 Begins!

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EFWF16LogoFor the 21st year Disney is welcoming guests to Epcot with their annuial International Food And Wine Fest. In addition to the ever present countries around World Showcase, Epcot brings 30 different kiosks to the park bringing new drinks and food from further around the world to sample.

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