For the past year and a half Disney’s nightlife hotspot Downtown Disney has been undergoing a metamorphosis into what will soon be known as Disney Springs. What was once home to three separate retail and eatery sections (The Marketplace, Pleasure Island and the West Side) will soon stand as a themed town, and now we’re finally getting some more info on what’s coming…

As with everything Disney Imagineering does, Disney Springs tells the story of a small town that was founded around a natural spring. As time passed the town grew and grew, and we’ll be able to see this growth as guests with architecture changing as you step deeper into the town. But much of this expansion has been shrouded in mystery, and one such piece of this was a dining experience only noted as “The Hangar”.

Yesterday via the Disney Parks Blog it was announced what was really planned for this building that was themed after a 1940’s airplane hangar. Enter Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar. So who is Jock Lindsey? None other than Indiana Jones pilot friend from Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

According to the characters backstory, because a character with all of two minutes of screen time has a bio, Lindsey was once a stunt pilot with the famous Air Pirates, who after suffering a flight related personal tragedy, relocated to Venezuela. Where he was soon found by Indy and Marcus Brody who started hiring him as their personal pilot.

At some point (I’m guessing here) it seems like Jock had to retire, and what better place than Disney Springs? The bar features lots of aviation themed touches, such as propeller fans and what looks like fuselage booths, and according to the blog post the walls will be adorned with travel posters as well as correspondence letters between Jock and Indy as well as other adventurers.

Boasting a menu of specialty cocktails and appetizers such as Air Pirates Everything Pretzels and Rolling Boulder Meatballs, Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar looks like a must stop location not just for Indiana Jones fans but those with a penchant for exclusive theme dining (the bar only seats 150).

As not just a Disney fan but also a Lucasfilm nerd, this is definitely on the top of my Disney Springs must do list, and with a pending move down to the World look forward to photos and reviews of this establishment following its grand opening!