Walt Disney World has always been a safe haven for those who suffer from food allergies or have dietary restrictions. With a growing number of people sufffering from gluten/wheat, nut, fish, lactose, or other allergies the on-hand presence of chefs willing to come to your table to work with you on specialized dishes has always set Disney apart from other theme parks or even restaurants. After a test in 2014, Disney has officially rolled out special menus at most of it’s quick and table service restaurants that cater to those with dietary concerns.

Information is available at the Disney Dining website, and while these menus exist to help make dining experiences inclusive for everyone, chefs are still available to come to your table or when calling for a reservation if you have more specialized needs or concerns…

As someone who will eat almost anything without hesitation, I can’t imagine a world where I can’t just look at a menu and pick out something that sounds good. Dining with your party is an extremely important part of not just a vacation, but also life. For those who don’t have the luxury of being able to order off of the regular menu, eating out at a restaurant can be alientating.  So while this may not apply to me, or anyone that I travel with, I applaud Disney for making the dining experience as inclusive as possible.

For more information or any questions, consult the Disney Dining website.