While rumours have swirled around the fate of this attraction for years, the hammer finally fell with no warning on Lucy: A Tribute.

The opening day exhibit featuring props, replicas and information about the classic sitcom that became the gold standard for all sitcoms, closed on August 17, 2015 to make way for retail space devoted to Sanrio character, Hello Kitty…

As someone who grew up 3 hours away from Lucille Ball’s hometown of Jamestown, NY, I Love Lucy is something of a Western New York staple and close to peoples hearts. The sassy redhead has always had a presence and an impact on sitcoms and the exhibit at Universal Studios Orlando was proof of that. I Love Lucy was one of the first televsion shows to use the three camera setup, as well as filming before a live audience. Stories are told that many of today’s sitcoms actually using recordings from I Love Lucy’s for their laugh track because of the genuine nature of the laughing.

Unfortunately I never had a chance to explore this attraction as the big name roller coasters and themed rides always drew my attention, so it’s sad to see this go. Especially to become the new home of a Hello Kitty store. While the cartoon cat definitely has and audience and could be considered more relevant to today’s theme park goer, the availability of Hello Kitty merchandise at pretty much any store kinda reads as a slap in the face to what I Love Lucy and Lucy: A Tribute were. Yes, the Sanrio character may bring in more money than the first lady of comedy, but it lacks the heritage or heart.

It’s with a heavy heart I introduce the Extinct tag to Parks N Wrecked.