It was announced a while ago, but we now have confirmation of dates and reasons why, and it turns out that Islands Of Adventure’s The Incredible Hulk roller coaster will be closing on Septermber 8, 2015 for a year long refurbishment.

A year is a longtime for a focal ride such as the Hulk to be closed, but for those who have taken a ride on the attraction at anypoint in the past 10 years could tell you that the coaster could use some work…

The main reasons for the year long shutdown are being listed as updating the queue area, replacing sections of the track and installing a new launch mechanic.

While the ride queue definitely suffers from the “it’s the Hulk so paint everything green and purple”, the general appearance of the line isn’t too terrible. Being themed after the comics (or at least the 90’s cartoons) seems to have done the entire Marvel Super Hero Island a disservice, and makes the attraction seem extremely dated despite being an amazing coaster. Enhancements are rumoured to open up the line a bit more as it can get a bit stuffy in the Florida heat.

Also getting an overhaul will be sections of the track, which have degraded overtime. The track layout won’t be changing, just getting a little bit of TLC. Even just in a couple paragraphs it sounds like a great deal of work, so a year doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch for a refurbishment of this size. Hopefully we’ll see a renewed interest in the Marvel portion of this park and see subsequent refurbs for the queues of Spider-Man and Doctor Doom’s Fear Fall, which are also pretty cheesy.