The marketable bear who made his debut in 2002 and surged to popularity at Tokyo Disneyland is picking up anchor and heading out from his post at Epcot on October 3rd, which he’s had since 2010.

The bear who was made by Minnie for Mickey to help keep him company on his travels around the world, has been a popular souvenir since his debut. Duffys are available at most gift shops around Disney property as well as different outfits or costumes for your Duffy. The character spot won’t be empty for long though as Daisy Duck has plans to take up residence here shortly after…


Duffy’s globetrotting nature put him right at home in Epcot, and guests could meet the bear right at the mouth of World Showcase. Duffy also graces the paper puppets that children can acquire and color at the various Epcot Kidcot stops around World Showcase.

What made Duffy special was that he stood as one of the only characters that you could meet who has originated at a Disney park, not a movie or tv show. Duffy merchandise will continue to be sold around the parks and resorts and Disney chalks up Duffy’s departure to their reevaluating entertainment options around the park. The lines for the Disney Bear never seemed to be too long, and that could be what Disney is using to send him out to port, since a character like Daisy would be more of a draw. While I’ve never been bit by the Duffy bug, it’s sad to see an original character being taken out of the park, especially one that does have a following. I’ve seen many a guest waiting in line for the character with their own personal Duffy, so it will be interesting to see how the loss of Duffy impacts merchandise sales, or if those merchandise sales bring the bear back.