The Frontierland eatery known for it’s burgers, pulled pork sandwiches and renowned for it’s Fixin’s Bar will be closing on September 28th and reopening on October 1st with an all new menu.

The closing will be short just to prepare the kitchen for the new menu which will feature burritos, fajitas and rice bowls. No word was given to why the menu change is coming, but there are still plenty of places to grab a burger around the Magic Kingdom.

With a coming menu that strongly resembles that of Tortuga Tavern in Adventureland, it’s kind of curious why Disney doesn’t just open Tortuga Tavern more. This would have more restaurants open to help with capacity as well as offer more options for what to eat. If anything keeps Tortuga Tavern from being readily open except for seasonally may be because of the inclusion of the Sorcerer’s Of The Magic Kingdom in the fireplace which keeps traffic flowing in and out of the walkways.

The biggest loss here is the pulled pork sandwich and the Fixin’s Bar. Pecos Bill’s was a place I ate at on probably half of my Magic Kingdom visits. The atmosphere was quiet regardless of how many people were in there, which tended to be a lot as this was a great place to stop when adventuring through the middle portion of the Magic Kingdom.