After closing down for a lengthy refurbishment, which saw the the classic Disney attraction shut down for the entire summer season, Pirates Of The Caribbean opened up to guests once again yesterday.

A multitude of problems had started to appear across the ride, from boats taking on water, audio animatronic issues and general effects not working. The last time I went on Pirates most of the pirate ship attack scene was out of commission…


During the downtiime Disney states via their Disney Parks Blog: “In addition to the restoration work and new paint inside the attraction, we added some enhanced special effects, including new cannons with water-based smoke and strobes for weather effects. There are also a handful of new scents to experience at different areas of the attraction.

We also took the opportunity to enhance the Audio Animatronic figures in this fan-favorite attraction at Magic Kingdom Park. Each character was rebuilt and fitted with new costumes and now appear even more realistic and authentic, including Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa.”

As rough as it can be closing down an attraction, especially one as popular as Pirates Of The Caribbean, doing so during the busiest time of the year is extra trying. But when the ride doesn’t live up to it’s own standard you can’t fault Disney for making the hard call. Visiting the park I often felt bad for the Cast Members stationed outside of Pirates that no doubt had to deal with constant frustration from Guests about the ride being shut down.I plan on being in the Magic Kingdom later this week, and can’t wait to ride Pirates now that it’s back at 100%.