Recently Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn got a little bit of a menu revamp much to the chagrin of many. The eatery which offered burgers and BBQ sandwiches would switch over to a menu comparable to that of the Tortuga Tavern. To which many (including myself) asked, “but whhyyyy?”

Well it appears that we have our answer. It was announced today that the Tortuga Tavern restaurant would also be getting a new menu, one quite similar to what Pecos Bill had offered. The menu will feature grilled chicken sandwiches, pulled pork, beef brisket, and roast corn and veggie salads.

While there’s no reason given, my only thought for the changes is the amount of people who would prefer the Mexican fare now found at Pecos Bill was too great a number to fit into the smaller Tortuga Tavern venue, which is only open seasonally. Not that people didn’t like Pecos Bill’s offerings, but the burgers were fairly standard theme park fare and can still be found at Cosmic Ray’s.

The new menu will be available starting October 14th, and hopes to bring joy to those who are always looking for it to be BBQ time (seasonally).