With the release of a new poster and a new trailer to Episode VII, Disney isn’t letting the hype train slow down as they announced a special hard ticket event celebrating the release of the next part of the Star Wars saga.

Those lucky enough to have snagged a ticket (at $100 each they sold out shortly after the announcement), will recieve admission to the Disney Springs AMC Theatre for a 7pm showing of the film, as well as a special after party at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


The party will include a commemorative ticket, access to the new Star Wars Launch Bay, Star Tours, a DJ dance party and a special sneak peek at the new fireworks show that will debut with the new Seasons Of The Force event.

A $100 price tag is a bit steep for a movie, access to an attraction that usually doesn’t have too bad of a wait time during the day, an exhibit and a fireworks show. Once you take out the price of the movie ticket it’s a cool $88 for the after hours park admission which only lets you into a small section of the park. Granted, there will probably be some surprises happening at the party that Disney hasn’t announced to give it that “wow, I was there for ____” factor, but on it’s face this is something that I had to pass on regardless of it being a fun way to celebrate the release.