Univeral Orlando recently announced the closing of the Twister: Ride It Out attraction at their Universal Studios Orlando Park for something new: the Race Through New York Starring JImmy Fallon. This is the most recent closing/announcement for the park on the heels of closing down other attractions like the Lucille Ball exhibit, Disaster, and the Wet & Wild water park.


The attraction will welcome guests into Jimmy’s studio as he takes them on a ride around NYC landmarks and sites, and will probably feature celebrity cameos. A clear use of NBC/Universal synergy, it’s probably not a case of people demanding a Jimmy Fallon attraction as much as that Twister was extremely long in the tooth and really didn’t have much of a draw.

It’s always good to get some fresh attractions in a theme park, and Universal seems to becoming more aggresive with their updates and shuffling things around. With the Skull Island King Kong attraction coming to Islands of Adventure, the announcement of a partnership with Nintendo, a revamped Incredible Hulk coaster, and The Fast And The Furious all coming to the parks within two years, Univeral is poised to keep their parks current while trimming some of the fat. But at this point what else is ready to go?

The Terminator 2 3D attraction has been in the park and unchanged since 1996 while the Universal Studios Hollywood version closed back in 2012. Also while the E.T. Adventure has it’s charms, the attraction which opened back in 1990 with the park definitely shows it age in both the queue video and ride. Revenge of the Munny while a fun ride isn’t too relevant but still remains a little more current than both Terminator and E.T, much like Men In Black: Alien Attack. MIB is a solid ride, but in another 5 years will it still be relevant to the audiences attending the park?

Which brings us back to the Race Through New York. While sounding like a fun way to spend a couple minutes will this have staying power of even some of the attractions that were outdated 10 years ago?