Epcot’s World Showcase has always been more about exploration and appreciation of cultures than attractions, especially since the closing of the Norway pavilions Maelstrom ride cut thee number of rides in World Showcase in half.

But fans of boat rides, Mexico, and Donald Duck have always had a safe haven in the Gran Fiesta Tour. This slow moving boat has taken Guests on a tour of Mexico as animated versions of Panchito Pistoles and Jose Carioca search for the third in their band: the Three Caballeros. This week the sole ride in World Showcase got a bit of a surprise makeover…

Three Audio Animatronic figures of the Caballeros have been installed at the end of the ride replacing the original animated finale. Jose, Panchito and Donald sing, and samba (and shout Aye Caramba), in celebration of the band getting back together.

Where throughout the ride animated verisons of the characterswere always seen interacting with the people and locales of the country, the plan originally had the figures from the original Magic Kingdom Mickey Mouse Revue attraction making the move to Epcot after the attraction closed to move to Tokyo Disneyland (and make room for the ever awesome Mickey’s Philharmagic).

But with the figures were never installed and have been sitting in storage until now, where they’ve made their grand return or debut if you want to look at it that way. The refurbishment wasn’t announced or discussed and actually came as a surprise to those who ventured to Epcot. It’s nice to see something in Epcot getting a bit of a makeover, with Captain Eo closed now, half of Norway closed down for the upcoming Frozen enhancements, Epcot is in something of a state right now. While the rotating festivals andd celebrations give Guests reasons to attend the park, World Showcase continues to be the main draw (although the recently opened Colortopia exhibit in Innoventions has it’s charms).

Hopefully this is a glimpse of things to come to Epcot once Disney finishes Animal Kingdom’s Pandora, and Hollywood Studios’ Star Wars, and Toy Story Lands.