When Universal CityWalk restaurant NBA City closed down a few months ago, a good portion of real estate between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure opened up. The basketball themed eatery left a noticable dark spot on the edge of the water next to Hard Rock Cafe, but yesterday the Universal Orlando Blog announced what would be filling the space after rumours of a WWE themed restaurant/Hall Of Fame started circulating. Enter Toothsome Chocolate Factory & Savory Feast Emporium. If that name seems weird, all one needs to do is hear that this will be a steampunk themed establishment specializing in housemade chocolates, so get ready for gears, goggles, brass pipes and cavities!


It’s not all ice cream, milkshakes, and candies though. Universal promise a different take on standard menu fair like burgers, salads, seafood and steaks. Couple a safe and sweet menu with an amazingly fun atmosphere and it sounds like CityWalk might have another winner on it’s hands. Other recent openings like NBC Sports Grill & Brew and CowFish are true gems of theme park dining with stellar menus, beer, cocktails and environment. If Toothsome can deliver the same quality, CityWalk will continue to become more of a draw and become a stronger rival to Disney’s Disney Springs area (which let’s be honest, it already is, so don’t worry a “Head To Head – Disney Springs Vs. Universal CityWalk” episode of Parks N’ Wrecked is definitely in the plans already).

Toothsome02I’m always going to be a fan of more dining at Universal, especially since I’ve lamented multiple times about the poor business model of closing everywhere to eat in the parks well before closing.