If there’s two things I love it’s eating and hot dogs, and luckily they go hand in hand. So since moving to Orlando visiting Universal CityWalk’s Hot Dog Hall Of Fame has been on my list of things to do. With the sun once again shining and the temprature being perfect the time was right to sample this weiner wonderland.



Located in the heart of Universal’s CityWalk area this outdoor stand makes its presence known with bright colors and the sound of baseball (also the smell of hot dogs). Themed to an actual ballpark, you first must descend steps onto the field where you queue up on the diamond. Actual stadium seating from around the United States adds a fun touch, and provides a view of the big screen televisions playing baseball above the kitchen. Picnic tables with umbrellas provide more family friendly seating around the area for those who might not want to eat off of their lap. There’s nothing intimate about Hot Dog Hall Of Fame, and that’s kind of the point. Being outside on a sunny day with ballpark food is a great experience that’s being shared with everyone around you, giving Hot Dog Hall Of Fame the feeling of actually being at a game with people sitting all around you.


Those expecting surprises from this menu will be let down, as the very idea of the place is “here’s a hot dog from somewhere around the USA”. With ten dog choices featuring different types of links from the respective cities and topped with gourmet ingredients, this is more than just a typical hot dog stand and really separates it’s self from your standard kiosks you find around the Universal or Disney Parks. Selecting the “Washington” (a Hebrew National hot dog, cole slaw, Buffalo sauce, bleu cheese and celery salt), I was happy to see that all the dogs come with a side of french fries, justifying the $10 price tag.

The dog was smothered in cole slaw and blue cheese, and being from Buffalo I can always appreciate hot sauce on anything. While it might have been a bit messy with everything on it, I absolutely demolished this. I instantly wanted another one which made me a little upset at the price of the meal and/or the size of the dog. While the price of the hot dogs are quite standard with other offerings around the parks it is a smaller hot dog, comparable with what you would find at your local supermarket. The special toppings definitely elevate it beyond that, but I’d still like a little more meat for my money. In fact after I ate here I proceeded to go to Mel’s Drive In at Universal Studios for a Bacon Cheeseburger.

HotDogHallOfFame03The french fries that come with the meal are standard shoestring style, and nicely salted and crisped, and luckily made fresh so they’re nice and warm.

Also available is a selection of specialty mustards to try. Wanting to enjoy my hot dog for what it was I instead opted to use one of these mustards for my fries instead. Selecting the Spicy Jalapeno I was quite happy with the spice. A nice heat on the back of a golden style mustard I think this would have been too much on anything than a regular hot dog, but it was perfect for the fries.

For those curious, yes they do offer Peanuts and Cracker Jack as available snacks as well, really helping to sell the baseball experience.


Coca Cola products and domestic beers line the menu here, while those might not be my go to drinks normally I can’t fault Hot Dog Hall Of Fame for offering these based on the whole idea behind the theme. These are both theme and ball park staples. I would have liked to see some sort of specialty beverage, but that may be nitpicky.


I really enjoyed my first visit to Hot Dog Hall Of Fame. I would definitely go back or at least cop ideas from their menu and make these at home, as I still feel a little overcharged. If they switched up to footlongs I would have a new favorite hot dog spot. Comparisons to Magic Kingdom’s Casey’s Corner are inevitable as they both stand as baseball themes hot doggeries, while it’s hard to pick a favorite between the two (Hall Of Fame’s menu is stronger while Casey’s dogs are a great size for the price), I think they both stand as the place to get a dog in their respective areas.