With the change over from Downtown Disney to Disney Springs this past September, the overhaul has been a lot more than just a few coats of paint and a new name. Disney has continuously announced and added new life to it’s retail and dining corner of property, and as exciting as the sweeping changes that have come to the Marketplace and the West Side portions of the Springs have been there’s always been that sparkle in the distance that is Town Center.

This past Sunday, the doors to the brand new expansion were thrown open, welcoming guests to over 30 new establishments. While new shops and stores are sure to bring in lots of Guests, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the podcast or the blogs here that the things we’re most excited for are all food based. Enter the brand new D-Luxe Burger.

While many restaurants had been announced for the Town Center side of Disney Springs, D-Luxe is the first to open alongside the new area. With a line that reached over a two hour wait the first day, I was extremely excited to see a much shorter line the next evening as the torrential Florida downpour scared away many Guests.


If it was needed to describe D-Luxe with one word it would probably be “rustic” or maybe even “repurposed”. Entering through the front doors you’re greeted by dark woods, a home-y atmosphere and menus sitting in a saddlebag. A quick glance around reveals posters for cattle ranches across Florida and advertisements for a new thing called “hamburgers”. At this point it becomes clear that we’ve entered an old farmhouse as you notice the light fixtures and curio cabinets lining the walls are far from the industrial style you would see at a comparable burger joint like Five Guys. The quiet, dark interior is a big change from the most likely loud and bright weather outside, and brings a nice calm to accompany the most well known of American comfort foods.

Your order is taken at a small counter where you are directed around the corner to the soda fountain and toppings, as well as two other counters: one for picking up milkshakes and one for burgers. With two dining areas (a small one up front by the ordering area and a larger in the rear) the restaurant can seat up to 250, as well as having an outdoor patio to accommodate more. Sitting in the back provided a nice removed feeling and mismatched chairs and stools drive home the fact that this is more of a family run place as you reach for the roll of paper towels sitting on each table.


D-Luxe offers burgers and fries, so put away the concerns about a more experimental menu like those at Morimoto Asia or Jock Lindseys. Also rest assured that there is a burger here for everyone: Classic (Cheddar, lettuce, tomato and pickle), Barbeque Classic(Gouda, lettuce, BBQ sauce and a fried onion ring), El Diablo (Chorizo, fried banana peppers, pepper jack, lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo), Southern Classic (Fried green tomato, bacon, pimento cheese, lettuce) Cluck Burger (ground chicken, garlic herb sauce, avocado, lettuce, tomato) and the Veggie Burger (green bean salad, tomato, lettuce, tzatziki sauce). Also offered are fresh cut fries with your choice from about a dozen different dipping sauces.

I opted for the Barbeque Classic because if you put an onion ring on anything I need to have it. Upon opening the brown paper wrapped burger i was in heaven. Smoked gouda peeked out at me and a nicely pink patty said “hey Chris, it’s go time”. It’s hard for this next part to not sound overwhelmingly negative, because I don’t mean for it to as the burger was delicious, but this was probably one of the greasiest hamburgers I have ever eaten. I may not have realized it at first but it became clear as with every bite the wax paper surround the burger became more and more transparent until it was legitmately completely see through. This shouldn’t come as a shock, but the higher the fat percentage in a burger the more moist and flavorful it is. I’m guessing this was somewhere around 60/40. Because wow, was it good and greasy.

Of course I also had to get fries with my burger, because America, and I selected the Buffalo Bleu Cheese dip because I will always select my hometowns claim to fame food. The fries were a great, thinner almost hand cut style with the skin still on, but after a couple bites I had to slow down because there was so much salt on them my mouth started to burn. Now I’m a guy who loves salt, just ask the popcorn I eat, but this was a bit over the top. I was almost able to finish the order but finally had to tap out in an iodized daze.

The Buffalo Bleu Cheese dip was great, giving a nice spice and having actual chucks of bleu cheese in it (Note for those not from Buffalo, Ranch doesn’t go on chicken wings. If you order them somewhere and they come with a side of ranch dressing, they aren’t authentic Buffalo wings). D-Luxe will let you order multiple sauces from the menu, and based off of this showing I would gladly try any of their other offerings.


As with everywhere on Disney property Coca-Cola soft drinks are available, but also on the menu are various hard sodas such as Ginger Ale, Root Beer and Orange soda. Four craft beers have a home on the menu and also available are multiple milkshakes as well as alcoholic shakes as well. Being a fan of both craft beer and milkshakes I obviously had to get the Chocolate Vanilla Porter milkshake. Since these are two great things that go great together I now have a new favorite summertime drink, until I try their Smoked Bourbon shake next time I go.


If that last bit about “next time I go” surprised you after the food review, it should be remembered that this is still within 48 hours of their grand opening, and there are always going to be some kinks that need to be worked out. The atmosphere and meal were both delicious enough despite my qualms and in a couple of weeks I would be glad to return and give it another shot. and see if things have balanced out. For two burgers, large fries, an alcoholic shake and a soft drink the tab came to $47. So not too far off from other Disney dining options but ultimately more than other gourmet burger places like Red Robin or Five Guys. D-Luxe Burger is worth a look for those looking to see what Disney can do with burgers outside of its parks but is it a must do? Not yet.