Adventure is the willingness to face the unknown and not be deterred, so it’s fitting that so many of Adventureland’s attractions are hidden from view by dense jungles or in the basements of Spanish forts.
While there’s still a fair amount of fantasy to everything (singing birds are one thing, crooning is another) it can be understood how Adventureland had its origins in Walt Disney’s True Life Adventures series of documentary films. Where a voyage through the most dangerous rivers of the world could be viewed as educational if not for the skipper making light of the situation. Where a treehouse built by a stranded Swiss family would make Rube Goldberg proud. Where every step takes you further into a land filled with pirates, tiki gods and magic carpets.
Just as the brain needs stimulation and the heart craves romance, so does the soul flourish with adventure. Luckily for us though Adventureland delivers all three of these in spades, and that’s worth a little a little wandering.