While all the lands of the Magic Kingdom reward those with a sense of adventure, Frontierland capitalizes on it. When the tamest entertainment you have is a hunting lodge overtaken by singing bears the tone for your stay has been set.
Frontierland being placed right between Liberty Square and Adventureland is surely no mistake, as we can easily read this as Imagineering engaging in a little bit of thematic time travel. When entering from Adventureland the Spanish style architecture blends seamlessly with the southwestern feel of Frontierland, and when passing through Liberty Square it’s read as the passing of time in American history.
Frontierland is sure to be a major part of any Magic Kingdom stay. America has always been a country on the go, where an unrelenting spirit of wanderlust inspired brave men and woman to seek out new lives in an unknown land to the west. The Frontier is no place for the faint of heart, but those brave enough to face the challenges of desert trains and thunderous mountains are in for a heck of good time.