Many of the lands of Magic Kingdom in Disneyland and Walt Disney World can have their origins traced back through the things the Walt loved in life, from the magic of Fantasy, the beauty of true life Adventure, the Cowboys and tall tales of the Frontier, to the promise of Tomorrow, they’re all facets of Walt. The only thing missing was his love for American history, and with the blessing of size that the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World could afford, a little bit of Americana made its way into the parks.

Enter Liberty Square, a revolutionary war era town that celebrates the birth and continued growth of the United States. From replicas of the Liberty Bell to speeches from Presidents past and present, Liberty Square is quite reminiscent of Main St. USA. Both are small towns that seem stuck in time but are still welcoming and familiar, no matter how idealized they may be.

It may be strange for some to see this quaint New England town reflective of some of the simpler times sandwiched between lands of magic and Fantasy and the wilds of the Frontier. But perhaps that’s the point, that even at it’s simplest America was still a nation flourishing and ready to stand tall in defense of its self, and that’s worth a little showcasing.