Upon entering the Magic Kingdom Park we’re greeted not with the grandeur and spectacle that one would expect walking into Walt Disney World for the first time. In fact it’s quite the opposite. Welcome to Main Street USA. 
Main Street USA doesn’t just welcome us into the park for a day of fun but also lets us step into the shoes of Walt himself. Based off of Walt’s childhood home of Marceline, MO, it’s easy to get lost in the story that Disney is setting for us, because yes we are part of the story now. Much like Walt, we start our story in a quiet and unassuming town, ready for the adventure that lies literally around the corner. To help preserve the illusion of this small town and to make the reveal of Cinderella Castle all the more inspiring, we don’t even get to see the castle until we’ve circled around the town square and start heading right down the middle of Main Street.
Main Street offers a unique experience when compared to the rest of the Magic Kingdom. With shops, eateries and character meeting spots, there are no marquee attractions here. Instead there’s a simple charm that brings you into the park but also bids you a fond farewell when exiting. There’s really no better way to begin or end your day.